Ideas we invest

We invest in ambitious and extraordinary entrepreneurs with the potential to become leaders in their industry to start-up and scale-up.


TBL TECHNOLOGIES is Keen to invest in projects that are unique and industry disruptive. We have a unique flexibility to be opportunistic in our private investments for the long term, unrestrained by conventional funding dynamics. If you have what it takes and an idea to transform an industry.

AI Applications

AI and blockchain techniques that can be used to process and classify data in application such as finance, healthcare and infrastructure.

Digital Identity

Solving digital identity problems through decentralized systems for transparency of data usage, KYC costs reduction, availability of verified claims. 

Supply Chain

Blockchain provides solutions to Supply Chain-associated problems by seamlessly linking financial, information and inventory flow in Supply Chain.

Asset Tokenization

Issues related regulatory alignment, volatility in the prices of securities and determination of value assets can be solved by Asset Tokenization.

Decentralised Finance

DeFi with its non-custodial nature, better user experience, totality of transparency and borderless nature, it removes the middle man.

Digital Assets Exchange

Solving security issues, high cost and requirements of KYC in centralized asset exchanges with blockchain based application.

Wallet and POS

A mobile finance solution that consists of a robust digital wallet system having numerous advanced features.

On-Chain/Side Chain

Most of the problems such as inflexibility in trading between currencies and high innovation cost and facilitating innovation can be solved with sidechain.


TBL Technologies is a UK registered company whose activities are regulated under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom. For customers who want to make a purchase, please provide your full contact details giving as much information as possible. Contact our sales executives directly or send an e-mail to Enquiries@tbltechnologies.com


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