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The Blockchain-AI convergence was inevitable since both deal with data and value. Blockchain enables the secure storage & sharing of our data on almost anything of value, whilst the AI can analyse and produce insights from data to generate value.

AI & Blockchain


Our Blockchain and AI development teams.

work with the latest technologies creating

some of the most facinating innovations.


Hosting Services


We operate private hosting with options

for third party miner hosting and resale .

ASIC’s subject to availability – see our store.


Fintech Hub


We invest in ambitious and extraordinary

entrepreneurs with the potential to become

leaders in their industry to start-up and scale-up


Blockchain with Ai

TBL Technologies

TBL Technologies has established itself as one of the top European specialist within the industry through heavy investments in technology and also offering resale of large volumes of new and used hardware. We are working diligently to bring a hosting platform for cloud services to the masses.

Keen to invest in AI, Blockchain & Robotics teams that have the talent, passion, and grit to transform sectors. Unique or disruptive business models, first mover advantages and best of breed businesses get us excited. We have a unique flexibility to be opportunistic in our private investments for the long term, unrestrained by conventional funding dynamics

ai and Blockchain

Blockchain Enabled AI Applications

Banking and Finance

We explore and research in the decentralised finance area but also work on traditional banking with AI and blockchain techniques that can be used to process and classify the data in business process, anticipating money laundering, analysing the price and details of various stock exchanges and predicting the future outcome more accurately. 

Data Storage and Management

Provides an excellent platform for safe and secure data management, storage and transfer, where stable systems support the interaction of multiple decentralised agents. A multiagent approach for personal data in an AI-moderated healthcare data exchange process on the blockchain.

Blockchain app

A team of wide experience

Wallet and Exchange

Our state of the art TBL wallet and its unique platform combines traditional banking with the seamless integration of digital assets  that enable our clients full access to decentralised finance.

Decentralised Finance

DeFi solves issues such as fund custody, lack of transparency, and financial service restrictions among others.

Digital Sovereign Identity

Blockchain for transparency of data usage, KYC cost reduction, availability of verifying claims for digital identity issues.


TBL Hosting primiarily manages its own Hosting facilities but also a reseller of new and used mining equipment to its key partners. Our farms are now fully equiped with the latest Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro, generation of ASIC miners for maximum hash power.

The Antminer S19 series were first brought to the market in May 2020, and both run on 3250 watts of power. Both these units have been equipped with an updated chip

New Miners

We mainly resell the Bitmain S19 and S19 Pro series ASIC miners for external clients. Check our Store.


Get power, security and privacy with our powerful, dedicated cloud hosting solutions at competitive rates.

Used Miners

We sell used miners direct from our mining facilites, including the T9, S9 and the S9J (14.5TH).  Check our Store.

Cloud Space

Allows users to mining assets using rented cloud computing power packages, minus the hardware hassle.


TBL Technologies is a UK registered company whose activities are regulated under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom. For customers who want to make a purchase, please provide your full contact details giving as much information as possible. Contact our sales executives directly or send an e-mail to


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